About Us

Who We Are

Orion Beef Group (OBG) was formed in 2001 as a genetics and marketing company that worked closely with seedstock producers to develop breeding programs and marketing plans. Over time, OBG matured into developing branded beef programs from the ranch to the table so that every aspect of the beef industry was connected. OBG is taking that business model from an individual branded beef program and expanding it to cover the entire beef industry in a similar manner.

Mission Statement

To add value for our customers by connecting segments of the beef industry through marketing, communication and information exchange.

Get to Know Us


Ryan Ludvigson, Founder & CEO

Ryan Ludvigson grew up in Western Iowa on a diversified family farm that included corn and soybean production, farrow to finish pork production, cattle feeding and beef seedstock production. Ryan holds an Agricultural Business Degree and a MBA from Iowa State University. He has been involved in the beef seedstock and commercial beef cattle marketing sectors for the last 25 years, during which he was involved in developing branded beef programs from ranch to table. This industry involvement has led to the vast experience necessary to help capture the most value for cattle.


Park Ludvigson, Marketing Specialist

Park Ludvigson grew up in Western Iowa on the same family farm as his brother Ryan. Park holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Farm Operations from Iowa State University. After college, Park returned to the family farm where he implemented many new technologies on the family farm and was the leader in expanding the seedstock operation. He is very involved in the production aspects of the farming operation and has had a great deal of experience with being the boots on the ground. Park still lives on the family farm and works with many farmer feedlot operators in Western Iowa.


Kellen Ludvigson, Marketing Specialist

Kellen Ludvigson grew up in Western Iowa on the same Ludvigson Family farm established in 1954. Kellen spent two years studying pre-veterinary and pre-pharmacy at Iowa State University before attending the University of Iowa where he received his Doctorate of Pharmacy. He has since remained active in the family cattle operation. Kellen specializes in working with farmer feeders throughout Western Iowa.


Brian Brigham, Marketing Specialist

Brian Brigham holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University. He has been involved in many cutting edge genetic research projects at both Colorado State University as well as the American Angus Association. His formal education and training have been in beef genetics, but Brian has spent a considerable amount of time in feedlots throughout Colorado and the Western United States during his research projects. His experience working with feedlots over the years, gives him a unique advantage in helping feedlot operators take advantage of high quality genetics.