How do I list my cattle?

New listings can be accomplished in two ways 

  • Fill out the online submission form and one of our marketing specialists will be in contact with  you to confirm and review your information.
  • Call 1-800-708-1530 and one of our marketing team members will collect and review your listing information.

What is the cost to list my cattle?

  • Listing your cattle on the Orion Beef Group show list is a free service

How long does a listing run?

  • For cattle selling at auction, the listing will expire and be removed from the website after the sale date has passed
  • Private treaty cattle will expire and be removed from the website after the delivery date has passed.

My cattle have sold, how do I remove my listing?

  • If your cattle sell prior to the sale date or delivery date, contact us and the listing will be promptly taken down.

What are the “Ludvigson Preferred” listings?

  • “Ludvigson Preferred” branding denotes lots which contain a high percentage of Ludvigson Stock Farms genetics.

How do I search using the hide color option?

  • From the search page, clicking on any single color will return lots with ONLY that hide color exclusively.  For example, selecting ‘Red’ hided cattle will exclude all lots which have other hide colors in addition to red.  Therefore, lots that are a mix between red and red white face will not be returned on the search.  Choosing multiple hide colors simultaneously will also only return lots with that exact combination.

I have used the search function and very few or no results are displayed, Why?

  • Try relaxing your search criteria to broaden your search
  • Add surrounding states
  • subtract some of the value added options from your search

How do I find out more about a listing I am interested in?

  • By clicking on the listing or the expand button in the top right hand corner of the listing, the listing will expand to show the owner and/or representative of the lot.

Privacy Policy

  • Orion Beef Group does not sell or share any contact information with third parties.  Any information voluntarily provided by you, in the form of contact information is solely for users of the website to get additional information about your cattle.
  • Orion Beef Group may use your information to respond to you, regarding clarifications on your cattle that are currently listed or for future inquiries regarding listings.  We may contact you in the future to tell you about new programs, services, or for changes in this privacy policy.